Power Bracelet - BLACK AGATE

Power Bracelet - BLACK AGATE

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Benefit from the properties of your favourite crystal with our gorgeous power bracelets. These elasticated bracelets are available in a variety of crystals and while they look stunning when worn alone, they are perfect for 'stacking' (wearing 3 or 4 together). 

Each bracelet comes with its own velvet pouch, making them also perfect as gifts. 

Black Agate Benefits:

  • Attracts good fortune
  • Increases concentration & clarity
  • Aids in overcoming flaws, fears & loneliness
  • Promotes a sense of strength & courage
  • Encourages calm, particularly during times of stress
  • A grounding & protective stone


ZODIAC: Gemini; Virgo; 

ELEMENT: Fire; Earth

AFFIRMATION: " I feel my inner strength and courage support me to embrace all that I am."