Power Bracelet - TIGER'S EYE

Power Bracelet - TIGER'S EYE

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Benefit from the properties of your favourite crystal with our gorgeous power bracelets. These elasticated bracelets are available in a variety of crystals and while they look stunning when worn alone, they are perfect for 'stacking' (wearing 3 or 4 together). 

Each bracelet comes with its own velvet pouch, making them also perfect as gifts. 

Tiger's Eye Benefits:

  • Increases confidence and courage
  • Supports resilience
  • Grounding and protective, particularly during change or travel
  • Encourages self-discipline and will-power
  • Enhances creativity

CHAKRA: Sacral; Solar Plexus

ZODIAC: Capricorn; Leo

ELEMENT: Fire; Earth

AFFIRMATION: "I am confident and focused. I am motivated to manifest my vision."